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“Slow Down!!!”

Posted by on March 5, 2012

Tomatoes are seriously high maintenance plants.  They don’t like the cold, they need support to stand up right, they are prone to disease and bugs, and nearly everybody loves them.  I often wonder if they are worth all the trouble but I never think about how much work they are when I’m biting into that first BLT of the season.  Today I was watering the tomatoes in the hoop house and marveling at how fast they are growing, too fast actually.  I put the seeds in the pots the first week of January but the plants cannot go outside until the last chance of frost has gone by, hopefully late March.  They are already getting crowded but I guess that this is kind of a good problem.

We’ve had some serious weather lately, with brutal gusts of wind.  Today the “Casa de Hoop” experienced it’s worst beating yet.  At one point the wind had hit it so hard that several PVC ribs had broken and poked through the plastic.  I ran around patching one part after another feeling like a guy on a sinking ship.   Thankfully, after another roll of gorilla tape was gone, the wind slowed down and everything was still standing, and standing still.

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