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Posted by on December 30, 2015

I was talking with a friend the other day about her writing hiatus and how she wanted her writing to have purpose, depth, and meaning. I agree with her. It should, no? Do we really need another person writing about how to butcher chickens or make homemade laundry detergent or dry their own mint for honey-sweetened herbal tea? Those were some of her thoughts, but with different subject matter. The subject matter here is from my life. We’ve had a natural writing break here with the website being down and now that we are easing back into it, I wonder some of those things. Does the world need another writer? Even if the world doesn’t, I think I need to write. At least I want to and that’s good enough for me. So, here we go. Armed with Linda’s computer (‘Goma’ because the boys couldn’t say ‘Grandma’ and their other grandma is ‘Oma’) and some inspiration up my sleeve, I’m ready to get started and to share what we’ve had in the works in our little spot of earth.



2 Responses to brainstorming

  1. abbie

    Amen. Read this reflection from Tim Keller on Psalm 148 this morning: “When your soul through grace begins to praise God, you come into harmony with the rest of the universe, which is also singing. Your redeemed voice contributes its own unique chord and adds to the overwhelming beauty.” Welcome back, sister. Your chord is beautiful.

    • urbann7_wp

      Thank you Abbie! Still not sure what I’m doing here, but here we go. XO

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