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Posted by on January 15, 2015

cluck wagon

Seems like blogging these days has taken a backseat to living. The daily ins and outs of maintaining the place are easier shared in teeny glimpses on facebook and instagram, but we think about blogging. We really do. The hoophouse is going up and we are VERY excited to utilize every inch of it. We have a small hoophouse that’s working fine but as we plan to propagate fruit trees and bushes and get a head start with annuals every year, we know the larger hoop house is an awesome investment. We received the actual hoops for free from our friends at Little Creek Plantation which saved us about $1500. Everything else was purchased form from FarmTek, including hardware, plastic and all the odds and ends needed to make it right…



We ordered 225 new laying hens to help build up the pastures and keep up with the free range egg demand for some Savannah restaurants and we butchered our first beef cow this week. A ton of work! We are looking into a couple of Livestock Guardian Dogs for the chickens and other critters on the farm and hope they’ll manage to protect the flocks from any predators via land or sky. We have duck eggs in the incubator and we’ll soon be moving our bees back to the Tupelo bee yard and then starts this year’s honey harvest.


Our current intern, “Mr. David,” will be leaving us for TX soon and we are sad to see him go. He has been a great fit here and an incredible help to us. There will definitely be a void when he leaves- in the camper for one thing, but we are hopeful that some new willing interns/apprentices will come along to help us herd cattle, butcher animals, repair fences, milk cows and goats, feed animals, gather eggs, dig holes, plant trees, make fires, direct traffic, make pad thai, and so much more! Oh time to skim some cream from the milk in the fridge.



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