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Monthly Archives: August 2013


More piglets were born here at Urbanna Farm. August 17 (the day after my birthday) brought the arrival of 7 sweet little heritage mix piglets. Mama is our sweet Ossabaw sow, Sassafras. Papa was the Brant’s good ole Hereford/Ossabaw  mix. We borrowed their boar for a nice little honeymoon, when it was time to breed … Continue reading »

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The Hoop House is Ready for Action

We’ve had our share of experiments here. Greenhouses, chicken coops, bamboo huts, brick paths, chicken tractors, animal shelters, garden plans and more. Sometimes it seems as if this entire farm is one big experiment. Right now, our Silkie hen is sitting on quail eggs. We’ve heard that Silkies are great at hatching quail. We have … Continue reading »

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Peaches Galore

Our neighbor across the street has cases of peaches for sale from a South Carolina orchard. I know we live in GA… THE PEACH STATE. I know it’s probably a crime to eat peaches from another state, but to be honest. The first peach orchard I ever visited was in South Carolina. I’ve never actually … Continue reading »

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Happy Tuesday

Eliza came over yesterday, while her hubby was completely gutting their “new” camper. I have been watching the progress and am so excited for what’s in store, but I must admit I got a little nervous when I saw the most recent progress. I suppose I didn’t really think that it could get worse before … Continue reading »

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New Neighbors

As you may know, Andy’s parents moved in next door to us a little while ago. We are so thankful to have them close by. Bull Frog and Pine Cone love their grandma and granddad and so do we! Dan and Linda have been tremendous to help us out in many ways here on the farm and with the … Continue reading »

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