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Monthly Archives: June 2013

Many Hands…And a New Baby!

(Blog post from CSA member and friend, Emily) So CSA members….you got your vegetables this week…and what you probably didn’t consider was how the farmer got it all done all while preparing to welcome his second son into the world on Saturday. With great joy, Andy, Melissa and Bull Frog added a new farmer in training … Continue reading »

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It’s raining as I write this. This is the second time we’ve had to meet our members by the front gate, because of the conditions here on the farm. It’s WET! The rain has not let up and the animals haven’t seen much dry ground. Several times lately, Andy has worked diligently to give everyone fresh, … Continue reading »

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Week #11

We had a really good week here on the farm. Maybe it was the garlic or the reinforced deer fencing or the guinneas new found freedom, or your prayers for us, but whatever it was, we were encouraged. Despite the deer’s consistent grazing of everything in the garden and the rain that didn’t want to … Continue reading »

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Our 3rd Anniversary

Andy, who was not “The Farmer” (although he was urban farming) when I met him, and I celebrated our 3rd anniversary on Wednesday. 3 years. It’s nothing compared to some of you married folks and it’s forever to some of you singles. We’ve had quite an adventure these last few years. As we were strolling … Continue reading »

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The bamboo hut collapsed. The rain came down. The farm flooded. The skies were dark for days. The animals had little to no dry ground. The wind blew, but didn’t quite howl. The Farmer shut the gate by the old house. It was a ‘drive thru’ Saturday morning. Sounds kind of bleak. It was. The … Continue reading »

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OliveYou: Recipes from the Farmer’s Sister

Hello, Urbanna CSA Members!!! Summer is just around the bend and YOU are already receiving some delectable Summer Squash. As I understand it the crops have been bountiful– enjoy that! Summer is a fantastic time to pare down that diet to everything fresh… and store what you can’t consume for those long Winter months to … Continue reading »

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9 Weeks and Counting…

Heirloom Green Beans, New Potatoes, Summer Squash, Red Onions, Radishes, Turnips, and Cabbage are what our CSA members took home this week. Last Saturday was a fun one here on the farm. Our dear friends, Matt and Abby were here visiting us from the great state of Alaska and we’re glad they got to see a … Continue reading »

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