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Monthly Archives: January 2013

Thornless Blackberries

We loaded up the F.U.V. (Farm Utility Vehicle) this morning and drove to some of our dearest friend’s home to glean thornless blackberries. I don’t mean the actual berries, because they are not in season yet. The gleaning that I’m referring to is the gleaning of blackberry bushes. Yes, whole bushes! Harold and Helen are kindred … Continue reading »

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We’ve been “pig farming” these last few weeks. Almost a month ago, Princess, our huge Belgian Landrace Sow had a small litter of 6 piglets and just this week, Sassafrass, our Ossabaw Island Sow had a litter of 8. We have really enjoyed their personalities and ‘cuteness’ and Bull Frog has really enjoyed eating the day old … Continue reading »

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Settling In

We’ve been Savannah residents for about 3 weeks now. 1 week was just spent in Omaha, Nebraska with Andy’s (The Farmer) relatives. We had a wonderful visit and Bull Frog got to eat some snow, but now we’re ‘back to business.’ Our last 3 turkeys have all been eaten, since we moved in and I don’t mean by us. A … Continue reading »

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Have you ever moved a farm?

The Farmer and I have moved 4 times in the last 2 and a half years. Just after our wedding we moved into a little 2 bedroom apartment. From there, we moved into a 30ft camper in Don and Susan’s backyard at their farm. Then, we started Urbanna Farm in Hampton, SC last November. Now, … Continue reading »

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