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Monthly Archives: September 2012

OliveYou: Recipes from the Farmer’s Sister

For the Love of Sweet Potatoes! I am thrilled to be back considering all the ways to enjoy the goodness and bounty of Urbanna Farm for you lucky CSA members to enjoy. What a great week to start back up; the first week of Autumn! We are feeling the Fall Breeze here in Atlanta and … Continue reading »

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Week 21: We’re Back!

Week 21/Week 1 (Fall Shares) After much deliberation, The farmer and I decided to take the plunge and start deliveries for the CSA again, despite our doubts that the garden would be ready to supply a harvest for our members. Saturday was also the ‘First Day of Autumn,’ so it seemed appropriate to continue on. … Continue reading »

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A Hard Part of Farming

I found a nest today.   A mama Buff Orpington made her home in an old plastic pot, filled with pine straw, tucked under some scrap wood pieces, underneath the old mule wagon. I heard chicks “peeping” and the knew the dogs had been curiously scouring the area for the last few days, so I decided … Continue reading »

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55 degrees!!!!!

The conviction is killing me, I’can’t take it any longer, I’ve got to confess.  I am really sorry but some mornings this summer I snoozed untill 5:30 sometimes even 5:45am.  Whew, it feels good to get that off my chest.  This kind of laziness rots my soul, but I’m glad to say that Melissa is … Continue reading »

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big plans, humble beginnings

Melissa and I were staring at the ceiling unable to sleep when I said, “Hun, I’ve had a back-and-forth debate running in my head lately, guess what it’s about?”  She didn’t even hesitate before responding, “oxen versus mules”.  “How did you know!” I exclaimed. Indeed any draft power besides Yours Truly would be nice, but … Continue reading »

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lazy blogger

That’s me. Slack. Forgetting that it’s the daily, seemingly mundane activities that are actually worth sharing. Watching farm boy feed the chickens is now a normalcy around here. I forget that everyone doesn’t have their own chickens. Seeing the cats, dogs, kids, hens and roosters all congregating by the toolshed is second nature. I forget … Continue reading »

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