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Monthly Archives: August 2012

Here Comes The Groom!

There is a lot of power in a person’s perspective, for better or worse.  Lately I’ve felt like my farmer powers have increased.  After hearing different stories from other unconventional farmers about how they’ve solved situations and made gadgets, it seems like creativeness is sometimes our only limited supply. Saturday there was a wedding on … Continue reading »

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genesis 3

Cancer……disease….parasites and the like-people this ain’t how it’s suppose to be.  This place, us, it’s all broken.  The Good Lord has brought my family to a place lately were we can say with the utmost humble, deep, and sincere gratitude that we are thankful to be healthy.  I have plenty of days when I complain about … Continue reading »

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the worst bee removal ever

“Do you ever get stung?”  Is the question that people always seem to  ask bee keepers.  My response is usually, “Yes, all the time, and yes, it hurts.”  The other day my friend Harold and I took a hive of bees out of an enclosed space on the top of a 3 story building and I … Continue reading »

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She might be the cutest thing that’s joined Urbanna Farm since the Nubian twins. The Farmer and I had been discussing the possibility of another farm dog, but the timing just hadn’t been right. Then, I spotted Sadie on craigslist (Free to Good Home!) and thought the Farmer would be thrilled that I found a … Continue reading »

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