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Monthly Archives: June 2012

fine dining

Dear Readers, I apologize for not blogging much lately, I’ve been sitting around watching Green Acres re-runs.  Just kidding, but we do have a pig named Wilbur.  Here he is eating some good ‘bad’ tomatoes.  I think that our pigs appreciate our tomatoes as much as we do.  Wilbur is the smaller brown/red pig.  We made him … Continue reading »

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Chicken Butchering

We spent a day with the Brant Family yesterday as we butchered our Freedom Rangers on their farm. After the Brants and Radford Harrell helped butcher our chickens, we butchered the Brants chickens and a great time* was had by all, except for the chickens of course. A few chefs from Palmetto Bluff came by to observe the process and the kids watched it … Continue reading »

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17 weeks, Oh My

Friends, We are amazed at the bounty here on the farm and I’m not talking about the weeds, even though they are over our heads in a few areas. I’m talking about cucumbers and tomatoes and peppers, oh my! I’ve been too busy hoeing the sweet potatoes to even process the last week’s adventures, but I’ll … Continue reading »

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OliveYou: Recipes from the Farmer’s Sister

The Bean Scene There are some mean, lean beans going to Urbanna CSA members and they’re more than just green! Provider green beans, burgundy wax beans and gold rush wax beans make for a beautiful Summer medley. “Wax Beans” are the name given to the green beans that aren’t green. The name “wax bean” is … Continue reading »

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day of rest

This time of year it’s a good idea to stay out of the sun in the afternoon so I’ve had a bit of a schedule change.  I wake up around 4 each morning and start the chores at 5.  After feeding, watering, and tending to all the egg laying chickens, guineas, turkeys, meat chickens, rabbits, … Continue reading »

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OliveYou: Recipes From the Farmer’s Sister

Tomato…Tom-aahhh-to! Nothing says Summer like beaucoups of tomatoes! But if you’re a saavy Urbanna CSA member chances are you’re blessed with enough tomatoes to last you straight through to Winter. It’s a good thing, too because besides being beautiful and delicious tomatoes have fantastic health benefits; one of the most impressive of which is their … Continue reading »

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16 Weeks of Fun

We’re into our 16th week here on the farm. Another bounty of Heirloom Tomatoes are ready for consumption. The cucumbers are thriving and peppers are making their way into our member’s homes this week. We have a teeny tiny bit of eggplant and squash, but more is on the way and the okra and green beans … Continue reading »

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How Romantic…

  Most people (myself included) have this romanticized view of farming, gardening, or animal rearing. I remember reading Laura Ingalls Wilder’s Little House series of books as a little girl (and as an adult) and thinking about how wonderful it was for Pa to bring home the bacon, literally. Or when he’d go hunting and … Continue reading »

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her majesty

Her name is Princess and she is our newest pig.  A “gilt” to be exact, which means that she is a female who has not been “married”, as we like to say around here.  We cannot get over just how sweet she truly is.  She is not shy, very docile, and quite content.  She loves … Continue reading »

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The Halfway Mark: Week #15

The first half of the Urbanna’s Farm’s first ever CSA season has come and gone. Of course, we might have a longer season than 30 weeks, but at least we know it’s been succesful thus far. What was lacking in variety this week, was made up for in quantity. We have been harvesting Heirloom Tomatoes … Continue reading »

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