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Monthly Archives: December 2011


Hello. My name is…well I guess my name on this blog is “The Farmer”. Anyways, I felt the great pressing need to introduce myself, but also, in pieces, the other teams on this farmstead. The first team would be the Security Department, managed by Yours Truly. However, the brunt of this division falls on the … Continue reading »

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The Broadfork Jump

The broadfork jump. That’s the name of the move, deemed by our friends Radford and Emily, after watching The Farmer demonstrate how to use the broadfork. Since we don’t have any heavy machinery here at Urbanna, we’ve invested a little into some awesome hand tools, including the aforementioned, broadfork. The broadfork is an ancient tool, … Continue reading »

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The Great Guinea Escape

The Farmer was gone for less than two hours when I managed to let all three guinea fowl escape from their two day old home inside of ‘Fort Pollo.’ “Honey, one of the guinea hens roosted in the magnolia tree last night. Will you try to get it back in the yard when you get … Continue reading »

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Piggy Piggy Piggy

When I read the Craigslist ad for five twenty pound pigs I anticipated five pink little Wilburs, the cute Charlotte’s Web farm piglet that was spared from the chopping block. We called the number right away, because pigs aren’t always easy to come by. The Farmer spoke to Ronald (the seller) and agreed to pick … Continue reading »

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