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Monthly Archives: November 2011

The Coop Scoop

We had some beautiful weather here at the farm yesterday. Our friends, Radford, Emily, G and M came out for a visit and worked on “farm things” with us. We are restoring an old chicken coop and looking forward to getting some more layers (egg laying hens) soon. The roof from the old coop was … Continue reading »

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Seed Trays Galore!

Farmer Andy has been busy, busy, busy! While looking up ideas for seed starting trays, we came across a couple in Oregon (their names are also Andrew & Melissa) who made reclaimed seed trays. Brilliant! Andy got to work. Everything about Urbanna Farm is reclaimed, so the idea for the seed trays worked great!

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the norm is no longer the exception

We were talking with our organic farmer friend and mentor, Don Brant recently and he was said that the weeks have been rather interesting (crazy, busy, full, etc). Then he said, “seems to be that this has become the norm and not the exception.” Amen, Don. Amen. Gotta love farmlife!

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busy bee

We’ve moved out of the Happy Camper and found our way to Hampton, SC. Boxes are full of our things. Walls are almost all painted (thanks to Emily’s help) and we are settling into our new farm life. Don and Susan sent Andy home with Mama hen and chicks yesterday and the dogs are now … Continue reading »

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